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Web design that hits the nerve of your target audience

Websites that are frequently visited and on which visitors like to stay are characterized by a suitable web design. This requires a good concept, a visitor-oriented style and the right features. We determine these three points together with you and deliver a web design that hits the nerve of your target audience.

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The concept for successful web design

In order for us to design your website so that it is a complete success, we need a good website concept as a basis. We determine in advance what needs and demands visitors bring to your website.

In the concept we determine how we will implement the 6 most important features of a web design that will delight your visitors. These 6 characteristics are:

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1. Target audience orientation
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2. Clear structure and navigation
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3. Visual Design
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4. Responsive Design and Usability
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5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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6. High quality content
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The right style for your website

After we have clarified the concept of how we can offer your visitors the greatest added value on your website, we determine the appropriate style. Each target group needs its own visual feel-good atmosphere.

From a minimalist design that focuses on the essentials to an illustrative design that brings your information closer to visitors in a playful way, we offer you the entire range of styles in web design.

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Features that move your target group

Would you like to sell products with an online shop or simply give your company an attractive flagship on the web? We create each website individually with the features that encourage your target group to stay on your website or take an action.

In addition to your desired features such as SEO, social media integration, live chat, customer reviews or newsletter subscription, we implement the essential features such as responsive design, navigation, accessibility, data protection and cookie notices on your website as standard.

The exact process for your web design in 5 steps

If you are wondering exactly how the process of creating your website works, we will show you the best possible overview, from contacting us to your finished web design, in 5 steps:

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1. You contact us by telephone, email or contact form
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2. First consultation to determine how we can create a successful website for you
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3. Conception of your website in close collaboration with you
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4. Creation of the web design with the appropriate style and the required features
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5. Launch of your website

To ensure that your website has a greater reach and reaches your target group, we are happy to offer you additional services such as search engine optimization and social media services. And to keep your website always up to date, you can entrust the maintenance to us.

Selected references of our web designs

Here you can get an impression of our web design. Click on the links to see the references online:

Sprach SEO

Screenshot of the voice SEO homepage

Bergrestaurant Höhenweg

Screenshot of the Bergrestaurant-Höhenweg homepage

KRS Solar

Screenshot of the KRS-Solar homepage


Screenshot of the CreditFox homepage

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